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Friday, June 22, 2012

If I Win the Lottery

In the wee small hours of the morning, when I am finished obsessing over work, my mind might go to that happy place called “Winning the Lottery.”

And I am not talking about winning a paltry one or two mil, I’m talking about the jackpot – one or two HUNDRED mil.

As I lie there thinking about that, I enjoy the process of spending it.

What would I buy?

Here is what comes to mind.

First after paying off the various debts that have accumulated due to my shoe fetish and clothes horse tendencies, I would purchase homes in my favorite places. After selecting a flat in London, a cottage in the Cotswolds, an apartment in Venice, a home in Victoria, a pied-a-terre in Paris, and some properties near my children (wherever they happen to be), I would purchase this house in the Shaughnessy neighborhood of Vancouver, B.C.

I also wouldn’t mind a place on San Juan Island with this view,

and a boat like this to take me to the other San Juan Islands.

As for a car, I’ve always been partial to Aston Martins.

"Brewer…Rosy Brewer."
(Good enough for James Bond, good enough for me).

Then I would move on to my loved ones, paying off their various debts, houses, school loans, etc. and setting up college funds for the grandchildren.

Next, for those other loved ones,  I would buy Mildred the lovely pendant she saw in "Dog Glam Magazine" which she has been wishing for.

(And perhaps a nose job too).

Frederic has been begging for an expensive watch.

And I would have to spring for that vintage" Gone with the Wind" poster that Tarquin wants for his dogloo.


I would also want to give some money to friends in need, and I am sure I will have many more than I do now when I win those millions.

But then as I lie there, I start to think that spending this kind of money on myself and my family is fine, but I should also do something good with it, use this money to make a difference in the world.

And you know how I feel about the difference that libraries make in the world.

So one of the things I would want to do would be to donate to the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation.

Founded in 2000, the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation provides a way for people to help their community libraries through private donations.

These donations provide seed money for innovative programs and services that might not be possible through public funds alone. Currently, the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation has funded "Books for Babies," a partnership with Boeing Employees Credit Union and local hospitals and birthing centers to provide newborns in Snohomish and Island Counties with their first book and library card as well as parenting resources available in the community.

This partnership is designed to encourage parents to read to infants which promotes the development of basic skills needed for future literacy.

The Foundation also funds the "Ready Readers Program," which is designed to help parents and caregivers enhance literacy and language development for young children from birth to five years of age. Research shows that preschoolers who master six important skills are better prepared to learn reading and writing when they start school.

Another important program funded by the Foundation is the "Summer Reading Program" (going on now), which keeps youth reading throughout the summer. Studies show that without this kind of encouragement, as much as 25% of the previous school year’s learning may be lost.

The Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation also funds Book Discussion Kits in support of book discussion groups, teen activities to keep teens engaged and connected in their communities, “Librarians as Information Guides” classes and the “Issues That Matter” programs, all of which bring community members together to learn about and discuss important topics and which promotes the library as a community gathering place.

Our public libraries are dedicated to lifelong learning.

The more educated and socialized our populace, the better our lives and world will be.

And as a new gazillionaire, I am also glad to see that my donation will be tax deductible to the extent provided by law. And so would it be for you too, if you donate to the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation.  And you do not have to win the lottery or be a millionaire.  Anyone can donate.
Think of all the good you can do!

For more information on the important work that the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation is doing, Click Here.  

Now I want to get back to imagining what my wardrobe might look like after a quick trip to Paris on my private jet!

How would YOU spend your millions?

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