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Monday, August 24, 2009

Free Computer Classes

Have you been wanting to get onto the Information Highway, but didn't know how?

Have you been having difficulty filling out those online job applications, because you don't feel comfortable with a mouse?

In these difficult economic times, we are seeing more and more community members coming to the library needing help with their computer skills.

So the Mountlake Terrace Library is happy to once again offer its popular series of computer classes for the very beginner. Class size is small, so students get personal attention, and it's a nonjudgmental atmosphere where you will feel safe asking questions. Hey, we were all beginners once.

"Computer Basics" teaches basic mouse skills and navigation on the computer screen - scrolling up and down, clicking and dragging with the mouse, using drop down menus, exiting programs, etc.

"Internet Basics" teaches the three ways to find what you need on the Internet.

Instructors share lots of tips and tricks during the classes and are there to answer questions about individual computer problems.

Pre-registration is required. Call or visit the library to sign up. All classes take place before the library opens and begin at 8:15am.

Class Schedule

Computer Basics
Sept. 12, Sept. 26, Oct. 10, Nov. 7, Dec. 5

Internet Basics
Sept. 15, Sept. 29, Oct. 13, Oct. 17, Nov. 10, Dec. 15, Dec. 19

And if you need help setting up a free email account, make an appointment with a librarian at the library for one on one help.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Teen Digital Photography Scavenger Hunt

This Saturday from noon-2pm we are having a really fun program for teens

Teams of two or more friends can take part in our wacky and fun digital photography scavenger hunt. They will be given a list of things in the Mountlake Terrace Community to track down and photograph. The first teams to complete the list (or teams with the highest number during the time limit) will win a prize! Funded by the Friends of the Mountlake Terrace Library.

I did one of these last summer, and it was SUPER fun. Tell any teens you know about it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twilight fans unite!

How passionate are you about Twilight?

Which book is your favorite?

Team Edward, or Team Jacob?

Come to the Mountlake Terrace Library next Wednesday at 4pm, August 19th to watch the movie and then take part in a spirited debate over which is better the movie or the book, werewolf or vampire boyfriends, and much more!

Wear a costume or Twilight clothing for a chance to win the DVD!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Why We Need Libraries

If someone were to ask you why we needed libraries, what would you say?

Would the answer come easily to you?

You might say, they provide free computer access. You might say, they have books and DVDs I can check out for free.

But here is some food for thought:

Libraries safeguard our freedom and keep democracy healthy.
Libraries are ready when they are needed, ready to enrich our minds and defend our right to know, just as other institutions protect our safety and property.

Libraries break down boundaries.
Libraries provide free family programs and lead outreach programs that teach citizenship and develop multilingual and multicultural materials for their patrons. Libraries service the homebound elderly, institutionalized individuals, the homeless and the blind and hearing-impaired.

Libraries level the playing field.
By making all its resources equally available to all members of its communities, regardless of income, class, or other factors, the library levels the playing field. Once users have access to the library's materials, they have the opportunity to level the playing field outside the library by learning to read, gaining employment, or starting a business. In this current tough economy, libraries are seeing firsthand how this is playing out. Community members are using us more than ever for help finding work or to check out books or other materials they can no longer afford to purchase.

Libraries return high dividends.
What do Gallo wines, the I Can't Believe It's Yogurt chain and billboard-sign giant Metromedia have in common? Libraries made millionaires out of each of these companies' grateful owners by providing crucial start-up information when they were no more than wannabe business titans.

Libraries make families friendlier.
The American family's best friend, the library, offers services guaranteed to hone coping skills. Homework help, parenting materials, after-school activities, summer reading programs, outreach -- like the families they service, libraries everywhere are adapting to meet new challenges.

Libraries offer sanctuary.
Like synagogues, churches, mosques and other sacred spaces, libraries can create a physical reaction, a feeling of peace, respect, humility, and honor that throws the mind wide open. But why? Perhaps it is because in the library we are answerable to no one; along with our private thoughts, fantasies, and hopes, we are free to nourish what is most precious to us with the silent companionship of others we do not know.

Libraries build communities.
Community building means libraries link people with information. Librarians have become experts at helping others navigate the Internet. Before there was talk of cyberspace, there were libraries, paving the way for the superhighway.

These are just seven of many reasons why we need libraries which I have taken in part from a 2000 revision of an article that appeared in American Libraries in December 1995 - "12 Ways Libraries are Good for the Country." (And yes, I have permission)

If you would like to read the entire article Click Here

What about you? Why do you think we need libraries? How has the library impacted your life?