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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The Library Made Me Healthier"

When you are dealing with a health issue, do you think of your local library?

Woman's Day Magazine continues a partnership with the American Library Association's"Campaign for America's Libraries" with profiles of four women who used the library to improve their health and well being. Elaine turned to the library for comforting literature to help her deal with her husband's illness; Amy used the library to research her postpartum depression and was helped by reading other women's accounts of dealing with this issue; Carol used her library for the databases and recommended websites to research her cancer and was given courage by what she found out; and coping with the onset of blindness, Linda was able to find books on tape and CD to help her "regain one piece of everyday life," the one piece she needed to keep her from giving up. All of these women were also strengthened by the help and kindness they were shown by library staff.

Next time you are dealing with a medical issue or are just feeling down, follow Linda's, Amy's and Elaine's lead and seek comfort at your library. Look for books on CD, movies, poetry, music and other items by searching the Sno-Isle Catalog or, like Carol, do research in the medical databases and recommended websites that your Sno-Isle Libraries provides.
Health and Medicine Resources.
And you can do this in the comfort of your own home too. Just remember, when faced with a crisis, your local library is here to help.

If you missed the article, here it is

Have you used the library to help with a medical condition? Share your stories.

***Woman's Day is currently working with the American Library Association to find stories about how the library has helped your family out of a tough financial crunch or helped you save in unexpected ways. Up to four stories will be featured in an upcoming issue. For more information, Click Here